Sewing Schools

Many women in India have never been educated, nor do they possess readily marketable business skills. Mark Brister Ministries helps women through sponsoring Sewing Schools. These exciting programs train and equip women to start their own micro-enterprise  businesses.  For $500 we provide full tuition and training and a foot pedal sewing machine and supplies to begin their career.

The school curriculum and training takes around six months to complete. Women learn basic math skills since they have to design their own patterns. There are no simple patterns to buy at a local shop! To begin, they sew doll sized clothing for practice. As their work progresses, so does their confidence level as they advance toward graduation. After successful graduation the women receive their own sewing machines.

A number of these women are indentured slaves indebted to working for landowners for the rest of their lives. However, with a business of their own, they are able to begin working their way out of slavery. The program assures an enormous leap for women in self-confidence and security.

If helping them financially and emotionally was not enough reward, many of these women ultimately open their hearts to the compassion and love of Jesus.